Infant Room

Did you know that more learning takes place during your child’s first three years than any other time? Much of their learning is in the first twelve months! During this time, it’s important for your infant, from six-weeks-old to one-year-old, to develop in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment and engage in an infant curriculum that supports and encourages growth. That is what they will receive here at Butter’s Love Academy.

In the Infant Room, daily experiences focus on developmental domains or on the practice of specific skills and are planned around spontaneous activities that are likely to occur in the context of daily care and routines. We consider the care of the child (feeding, sleeping, eating, nurturing) equally important and equal to the curriculum. In the Infant Room, activities are planned to support the following domains and skills: language, cognitive, social, emotional, fine-motor, and gross-motor development. Our activities are integrated into the daily routines in a non-rushed environment supporting our goal of ensuring that calm interactions.

Our Infant room is filled with colorful decoration, music, sensory, and nurturing teachers that are constantly meeting every need of each baby.

Here at Butter's Love Academy we understand and believe that learning has to start the day that a precious child has been born into this world. God gave us a vision; God gave us a mission and God gave us the blessing to work with his children and help lead the way. Because of that, everything we do is pure and out of love.

Toddler Room

The toddler room goals are to teach them verbal skills by putting feelings into words, posing questions, talking about the books that they have read together. At this age, we know that this is the perfect time to start teaching toddler letters and numbers.

Where here at Butter’s Love Academy we desire to teach our toddlers not only their Alphabet and numbers but their letter sounds.

Understanding that learning to sound out your letters is the first step to learning how to read.

When they point to something they want, we are sure to prompt them to ask for it instead. We also practice identifying the parts of the body and naming familiar objects.

At Butter's Love Academy we encourage pretend by playing with dolls and play food. In the toddler class, we ask to help sort toys by putting them in similar categories, such as red toys or soft toys, and let them practice feeding themselves with a cup and utensils.

We always make sure toddlers get plenty of time outside to walk, run, and freely explore.

All teachers here at Butter's Love Academy continue to reinforce good behavior with praise and attention. We set simple and clear limits and follow through with consequences calmly and consistently. We give your toddler this or that options and allow them to make choices. We are patient, positive, and remember that toddlers are only just beginning to learn how to control and express themselves.

Students will also enjoy a couple of other subjects like Spanish and Bible.

Pre-K Room

Here at Butter's Love Academy, we strive on making sure that our Pre-kindergarten students are prepared for kindergarten. By following the guidelines and the ABEKA curriculum we are willing to make a promise that your child will be ready for kindergarten.

What makes us so different, what makes us so sure? We have teachers that have a passion, a gift, and patience when it comes to teaching. We also have classrooms that were made to portray a real kindergarten classroom with kindergarten rules. Our students are learning more than how to spell their names, ABC's and 123's. They are being taught in every subject such as Spanish, science, social studies, English, art, poetry, culture learning, accounting, home economics and Bible.

With the use of these two books and other study plans, we strive for readiness. Our Pre-kindergarten class students will also receive homework at least three days out of the week. That shows the parents what we have worked on that day.

School Age Children

Here at Butter's Love Academy, we believe that even after school's out for the day and before it starts, children need to be engaged in a comfortable, yet stimulating childcare environment. That's where Butter's Love Academy comes in blazing with enrichment from the amazing teachers we have.

Butter's Love amazing before and after school childcare program allows kindergarten and school-age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences.

From homework help to fun physical activities, our before and after school program is designed so that everyone goes home happy.

Our areas of focus include Spanish, Dance, Art, Culture learning, Social Studies, Soccer, Accounting, and MORE! We give your child endless opportunities to learn and grow and being well rounded for this life’s journey.